Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Sydney

on Jun 10, 2011 in Modern Australian

Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Sydney

I wanted to spoil Miss K so I took her for a walk at the Art Gallery and Royal Botanic Gardens, part of this was a booking at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant. We both enjoyed it, the food was healthy and delicious and much better than I had expected considering it was a bit touristy.

Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle Pasta

A dish very different from normal pasta, it was the only non-creamy or saucey pasta dish that I’ve actually enjoyed enough to eat, it had a very mushroom taste to it which I love.

I got Miss K addicted to the rocket and Prosciutto salad with olive oil (top), she won’t stop talking to me about how she wants it now 😀 A nice refreshing dish that’s much healthier than what I normally eat… >_>

Roast Free Range Chicken in Jus with Mash and Steamed Vegetables

Great roast chicken with a nice jus, very tender and had a tangy taste to it. I’m always a fan of roast chicken!

I would say that the botanic gardens restaurant is great if you’re on a walk through the gardens or art gallery, its pricey for what it is but the food is great. Not somewhere I would go out of my way to get to but definitely has a convenient location for those attractions. Mains go for about $25-35.

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