Waterfront + Vivid Sydney, The Rocks

on Jul 6, 2011 in Modern Australian

Waterfront + Vivid Sydney, The Rocks

Vivid Sydney 2011 was a great night, the video above is actually a few meters from Waterfront restaurant at Walsh Bay, we were lucky to get a booking as it was quite busy. We’ve been going to Vivid Sydney since the first one and this was probably the best one so far, has such a nice atmosphere and its not too crowded on most nights. (UPDATE: 2012 Vivid Sydney wasn’t as great and way more crowded!)
It was a great restaurant with some good food, unfortunately I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted as we were preoccupied with all the sights and sounds!

Fried Garlic Prawns and Sour Dip

I love deep fried food, cause I’m a fatty (hopefully not really), but this was a good dish… too bad there wasn’t any garlic Aioli, because I absolutely love it. Very crispy and the dipping sauces give it a great taste.

The grilled snapper (top) with potato and tomato/olive on the other hand was a pretty average fish, good tasting but nothing special but then again I’ve never had any ‘amazing’ fish before!
Overall Waterfront was a cosy and romantic restaurant with a great location for Vivid Sydney, very nice atmosphere with the fire show in the background. Mains are about $25-35 each which is a bit on the pricier side.

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