Manta, Woolloomooloo

on Feb 27, 2012 in Modern Australian

Manta, Woolloomooloo

We had an epic dinner at Manta, Woolloomooloo finger wharf for Valentines Day 🙂 Including the two above mocktails (passionfruit and strawberry)! Sorry in advance if this post is a bit garbled but I’m so excited to post about it all!

Mixed Entree, Arancini, Smoked Salmon, Calamari, Prosciutto

This was probably the best seafood entree I’ve ever had ! The baby calamari was so delicious! I had to take tiny bites so the taste would last longer. It was so soft and the flavor was just right!  The ones after the calamari were smoked salmon or tuna, it was pretty good, nothing too special about it. Something you could probably get from Woolies but the stuff on top, radish? I don’t know either but it tasted good with the salmon. Then the potato takoyaki 🙂 Just kidding, they were potato balls with rice inside (Arancini).

To finish off the dish was my all time favourite Prosciutto ham. I just love it, not as good as Movida’s because that one had egg yolk mixed with it, but it still tasted so good to by my standards 🙂

Grilled Swiss and Butter mushrooms

These mushrooms were amazing, especially that little sauce soup thing that’s cooked with it – I have a suspicion it was olive oil or vinegar dressing.

Steak Mignon with Bearnaise

You can never get enough of medium rare steak that comes with Bearnaise sauce, this tasted just as good as Capital Grill! The meat was perfect, it was so tender that I just had to stab it with the knife. I didn’t expect to order steak at Manta but we did and I don’t regret it!

Dory Fish with Potato and Soup

My only impression of this dish was that the fish was very soft and fresh, they probably just killed the fish before they cooked it because we ordered it. I feel so terrible eating it now, it was probably all happy swimming around and then they died before they realised.

The soup was really good, tasted perfect with the fish and it came with oyster mushrooms =D

FREE DESSERT – Popcorn Icecream

I felt pretty good when they gave us this free dessert. Probably a reason you should go to more upmarket restaurants instead of cheaper places. The Ice cream was really good, it kind of tasted almost like the pear sorbet I had in Movida’s. I’m still hoping there will be a Movida store in Sydney. (UPDATE: There is one in Sydney now!)

Valentine’s Special Dessert

This dessert I think was made for Valentine’s Day and I’m  so glad we didn’t miss out! AGAIN, the ice cream was so good ! It really tastes like sorbet, and those little chocolate pieces were awesome.

Mr C and I hesitated to destroy the pretty chocolate dessert cake but in the end we had to, or we’d never go home. Thank you Mr C for taking me to Manta where we had the most perfect and romantic view for Valentine’s. ♥

I’m pretty sure the bill ended up something really high but then again Mr C went crazy and spoiled me!

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