Malacca Straits, Ultimo

on Jan 14, 2013 in Asian, Malaysian

Malacca Straits, Ultimo

Sorry for a belated post ! Mr C and I just came back from our overseas trip but we have alot of food posts from the countries we’ve visited which are lined up for the next few days/weeks!

Mr C and I were at Broadway shopping centre to watch Skyfall and knowing there’s only the food court option nearby the cinemas, Mr C did some research and found one of the top restaurants in Ultimo, thus Malacca Straits, a Malaysian restaurant!

In the featured thumbnail photo is Chicken Laksa, this was must order since we were in a Malaysian restaurant and craving it. I could not believe how strong the flavour of the dish was. It was filled with delicious coconut milk for the soup, very soft meat & vegetables and my favourite, spiciness! It definitely beats the Malaysian restaurant where I use to work. My favourite in Laksas were always the tofu as they’re all juiced up with the yummy soup! I love when it explodes out when I take a bite.

Panang Chicken with Rice

The other alternative I wanted was Hainanese Chicken as I saw the table besides us, had ordered it and was a HUGE serving! Unfortunately Mr C wasn’t craving it and desired the Panang Chicken instead, so being the nice girlfriend, I took his suggestion 😛

The serving might look quite small to you at first, but deep inside the soup are filled with lots of vegetables and chicken! Within 10 minutes, I had already eaten more than half the rice as I poured alot of the panang into my rice. The vegetables was so delicious, especially the zucchini. The chicken was also very tender and juicy, practically melts in your mouth!

I’m definitely looking forward to coming back to University after being MIA for 1 year as I can’t wait to revisit this restaurant!

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