Ichiban Boshi, CBD

on Aug 22, 2013 in Asian, Japanese

Ichiban Boshi, CBD

Ichiban Boshi was actually one of the first places I visited a few years ago when I first got into food blogging and began building my addiction to good ramen. To this day I still consider it to be one of the best in ramen joints in Sydney (along with Ippudo, Menya etc), I believe the strong point for Ichiban is their noodles. This restaurant is constantly busy at night and waits up to 30min or longer are not surprising on Friday or Saturday nights.

On this particular visit however, Miss K decided that she wanted to have Katsu Don (or Katsu Ju at Ichiban). This is actually one of our favourite dishes aside from ramen and consists of rice, onions, fried chicken and egg cracked on top. The combination of ingredients makes a very filling and tasty meal which almost everyone I know has enjoyed even more than the standard teriyaki chicken and rice.

One of the interesting things about Ichiban is that they don’t offer Tonokotsu ramen on their permanent menu. In fact they only make 15 bowls a day and they’re ready to serve from about 2pm onwards. I’ve only managed to get the bowl twice out of the 10+ times I’ve visited and definitely recommend it. The soup is one of the best Tonkotsu soups in Sydney, not too thick and not too light but still full of flavour. The noodles they use for this soup are a bit thinner as well but taste about the same as the normal ones.

Surprisingly enough Miss K and I don’t normally order gyoza or enjoy miso soup all that much. Ichiban is the exception however, we actually love the miso soup here more than anywhere for some reason and the gyoza is a must order every time we visit because it’s just so tasty and a great snack to go with the ramen.

Ichiban also has a Bondi store which is a great dinner stop before heading home from Bondi Junction. Generally when I’m in Town Hall and looking for a quick and cheap dinner around $10-15, Ichiban is a great choice as it’s right by the station and Kinokuniya . It’s not hard to imagine why the lines get so long when you’ve tried the ramen so give it a go and you might have a new favourite place to visit!

Ichi-ban Boshi on Urbanspoon
Ichi-ban Boshi on Urbanspoon


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