Clipper Cafe, Glebe

on Oct 26, 2013 in Cafe, Modern Australian

Clipper Cafe, Glebe

Having always heard many good things about Clipper Cafe and because of it’s good location close to our uni, Miss K and I decided to visit on a quiet day between our classes. It actually took us a little while to find out where it was because we were on the wrong side of the road and expecting it to have a little bit more signage. Nevertheless we found it before we ended up starving 🙂

The dish I was looking most forward to was the baked eggs (above), I actually had no clue what other dishes they had on offer because the only dish anyone has ever mentioned to me was the chorizo baked eggs. When the dish finally arrived I was shocked at how big it was, the tub of baked eggs is at least twice the size of Hardware Societe or Reuben Hills. The napoli sauce was rich and although the dish as a whole isn’t as refined as the others it would definitely be a crowd pleaser, especially with mushroom and lamb options.

Poached eggs, pesto, mushrooms, cheese, relish

Miss K decided to order poached eggs with pesto, mushrooms and cheese/relish because she hadn’t had poached eggs in quite a long while (a few weeks). We did the usual dish split about half way and I have to say that the poached eggs which were cooked perfectly with the right amount of creamy yolk went very well with the pesto base and cheese. I’m still not quite sure what the relish(?) was on top but it was slightly spicy and had a creamy texture which was kind of Mediterranean.

Iced Coffee

It was quite a hot day that day too so we decided to grab an iced coffee, mostly for me because I needed something to keep me awake for my presentation later that day. Not much to say about this but it was nice and refreshing, I wish they did a blended ice coffee which would be even better.

I understand the cafe is actually quite busy during morning and lunch hours almost every day (open 7 days). We visited around 3pm and it wasn’t full at all, though it started to fill up at around 4pm for some reason, possibly because of people coming in for a late lunch after classes at both UTS and USYD were over.

I’d have to say that the best part of Clipper Cafe was definitely pricing, for the serving sizes that we got I was amazed that most of the dishes were actually cheaper than almost all other cafes that we’ve been to. The food was very hearty and they definitely don’t hold back on the ingredients. The owners are nice and friendly, the decor is interesting and there’s also free wifi.

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  1. It’s kind of an embarrassment to know how long this has been on my to-go list…but those chorizo baked eggs look quite heavy and not the best option for a hot day! Haha

    I’ll go there…one day


  2. They always seem so busy here! I haven’t tried it yet though despite going to USYD and being right next door 😛

  3. I didn’t see the baked eggplant! That sounds really good 😀

  4. i love this place, the place to go to for baked eggs. recently discovered their baked eggplant, that is amazingness!

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