Gelatomassi, Newtown

on Dec 7, 2013 in Cafe, Dessert

Gelatomassi, Newtown

Newtown is a popular place for good food and desserts are no exception with lots of choices all along King Street and other side streets. Gelatomassi which is located right in the middle of the dining strip is one of my favourites and Mr C always wants to visit whenever we happen to walk past.

The small store is your typical gelato joint with lots of interesting flavours and a few other small desserts like chocolates and cakes as well as coffee. Cookies & Cream is the flavour that Mr C always gets so we ended up with this three times in a row despite him telling me that he was going to try something different, typical!

Apple Crumble

My latest craze is the apple crumble flavour which I haven’t had enough of yet, the creamy ice cream goes so well with the small chunks of apple that are scattered throughout each scoop – the best part is the mix of sweet and sour. This is probably one of the best flavours of ice cream I’ve ever had and I love it!

I really want to try out all the flavours here eventually, and next on the list is definitely the nougat flavour which I saw the last time I was in there. They seem to have a huge range of different flavours that they change regularly so do pop in a few times to see what they have.

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