Shenkin, Erskineville

on Jan 24, 2014 in Cafe, Middle Eastern

Shenkin, Erskineville

Shenkin, a popular Israeli influenced cafe is definitely worth a visit for their famous baked eggs which are arguably the best in Sydney! Although Erskineville isn’t really a dining destination just quite yet, with the famed Shenkin in the area there’s definitely a reason to head there for breakfast or lunch.

The thumbnail above is the famous Shenkin Baked Eggs (Shakshuka). Recently we’ve become addicted to baked eggs and have previously tried at least six different baked eggs already. I have to say that Shenkin was the most amazing baked eggs I’ve tried so far! It was very rich in tomato sauce, had fantastic spices and there was a lot of variety of ingredients in it. Accompanied with the huge pieces of bread, this is definitely worth the price (approx $19).  I only wished I didn’t have to share some with Mr C! 🙂

Grilled Chicken Wrap

If you are hungry and a big eater, then I recommend you order the Grilled Chicken Wrap. If you aren’t, then try to share it with another person. This is a really big serving and I was struggling halfway with HALF the wrap. It’s filled with many ingredients (I forget which exactly) and the chicken pieces are plentiful. The wrap is very soft but the ingredients don’t fall out because of the good construction, everyone hates that right?

Tight Seating

Iced Mocha

I was really craving something icy cold to drink due to the hot weather and this Iced Mocha was perfect. It’s very creamy with a good amount of chocolate sauce and a shot of coffee mixed together.

I’ve heard many rave reviews for this cafe so I was a little worried that there would be a queue but we came around 12.30pm and I was surprised we didn’t have to wait, what a bonus! Even better was the fact that this was my celebration brunch for finishing my last university exam forever on the same day 🙂

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  6. @Helen – Definitely felt like a family establishment!
    @Sherrie – Saucy baked eggs are awesome, check out Clipper cafe 😀
    @Annie – I didn’t try the coffee, better try them next time haha

  7. Love the family story behind this place. The shakshuka looks amazing!

  8. Man those baked eggs sound so good! I’m a huge fan of saucy baked eggs 😀

  9. very keen to try the shakshuka there very soon! the coffee was good when i went there a while ago but the kitchen was closed by then

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