Le Monde, Surry Hills

on Feb 4, 2014 in Cafe

Le Monde, Surry Hills

I’ve walked up and down Foveaux Street so many times but never realised that Le Monde was even there, one day after hunting for a place to eat we stumbled in here for a quick brunch. The little cafe is always busy serving up plenty of dishes which have a bit of a European influence.

I wasn’t keen on anything too fancy because it was earlier in the morning so I decided to go with the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon which came smothered in heaps of delicious hollandaise sauce. The only regret is that I wish the dish was a bit bigger but it suited me that day as I’m not a big breakfast person.

Along our mains we decided to order iced chocolates because of a recent craving, I was a little disappointed that it tasted more like chocolate flavoured milk with chocolate powder on top. The table next to us seemed to be really enjoying their coffees though so perhaps that might be a better order 🙂

Reuben Sandwich

I saw this on the menu and couldn’t quite see what the other ingredients were, I gathered that there was cheese and corned beef but the rest is a mystery because it was difficult to read. Luckily when it arrived I took a bite and realised it was actually very nice with a burst of flavour and great texture 🙂

Le Monde isn’t a bad cafe but nothing special at the same time, I may revisit if I’m in the area looking for something to eat but otherwise it’s quite ordinary to me!

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  1. i’m the same with you in regards to walking along foveaux street countless times and failing to notice le monde. shame about the iced chocolate though.

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