The Carlisle Bar, Kings Cross

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The Carlisle Bar, Kings Cross

Now Miss K and I normally would avoid the Kings Cross area entirely just because of the questionable character of the area but we do venture there for good reason (such as to visit Ms G’s). Two weeks ago we were invited to The Carlisle Bar for a menu launch, being told that a trip with Uber was included for all guests sealed the deal so we headed there right after work to check it out 🙂

Although it was a little difficult to find at first and having almost lost my camera in the process of locating the bar, we ended up following the crowd to discover that half the food blogosphere seemed to have been invited as well. There definitely hasn’t been an event of this scale for food bloggers from what I know!

There were plenty of friends and familiar faces as well as new ones, some we met included:

Simon Food Favourites Missklicious
Crystal Noir JENisHUNGRY
A Little Bit Of Tang food porn nation
Excuse Me Waiter MsBrulée
The Random Foodie Jugernauts
Nessy Eater The Food Book

Grilled Haloumi w/ purple grape and balsamic reduction

There were a bunch of mixed dips and snacks served at the beginning but I don’t have any decent photos because of how dark it was. We were also served full dishes and the first to arrive was without a doubt the winning dish of the night, the Haloumi cheese is supplied exclusively to this venue and only two others. It was arguably just as good if not better than most of the Haloumi cheese we had while travelling through Greece, not too overpowering and possessing a very soft texture.

Lightly floured and fried prawn cutlet

I have to admit there wasn’t anything ‘unique’ about the rest of the food we tried, it’s typical bar food and definitely tasty but not the best thing we’ve ever had. The prawns were a good follow up to the haloumi and give us something a bit more meaty but tasted a bit odd with two the contrasting sauces.

Marinated spicy chicken

Miss K and I decided to leave early on the night as we had work the next day but we managed to stay until the 2nd last course was brought out. The spicy chicken was quite literally spicy chicken, nothing much else to the dish but quite tasty and great with the sauce that accompanied it!

Eastside Fizz, gin, lime, mint

South of The Border, Tequila, Mezcal, passionfruit

The drinks were quite good and they were flowing throughout the night, we’re not big drinkers so only had a few (three including the one in the first photo). The bar serves quite an extensive list of cocktails so definitely check that out if you pass by, it is a bar after all so drinks are definitely the main selling point!

The interior of the bar itself is quite nice with polished table tops and great ambient lighting, I personally wouldn’t go out of the way because I don’t normally visit Kings Cross out of choice. Overall a great event which was a lot of fun with other bloggers but the bar/venue itself was kind of average – maybe I’m just not really a bar person 🙂

Mr C and Miss K attended as guests of The Carlisle Bar.
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  1. How delicious was the haloumi! And it was good to finally meet you two 😀

  2. drank waaaay too much that night lol. the prawn cutlets were quite addictive actually.

  3. That big? Bigger than Waitan’s launch?

  4. That haloumi was amazing!

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