Kurtosh, Darlinghurst

on Nov 9, 2014 in Cafe, Dessert, European, Other

Kurtosh, Darlinghurst

Kurtosh is almost like a dream for me, ever since our trip to Europe I’ve been seeking out somewhere in Sydney for these rolled pastries. Surprisingly we first spotted one of these stores in the Crows Nest branch but at that time we just had a very filling dinner at BahBQ. I still remember quite literally bugging Mr C every night and day to buy one in Prague where they were sold in the Christmas markets as snacks.

Cinnamon and Sugar Kurtosh

After our little foodie catch up dinner at Buffalo Dining Club, I dragged Mr C and PlanMB to Kurtosh in Darlinghurst which was right around the corner where I ordered my favourite classic cinnamon and sugar. The wait was about 5-10 minutes and when it came out the kurtosh was very soft inside and quite fluffy in texture although the outside seemed a bit burnt. I loved the cinnamon but keep in mind this is definitely a savoury dessert unless you pick the ones coated in chocolate.

I personally can’t wait to come back and check out all the other flavours, they have different variations including a hazelnut one which looked really nice and other desserts available.

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  1. Oh yes, I work around the corner from the Crows Nest branch. It’s been veeeeery bad for my wallet and my waistline!

  2. love kurtosh for the fact that you can order a tiny bit of everything!

  3. Will defs have to give their kurtosh a try next time 😀

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