Belly Bao, CBD

on Feb 28, 2015 in Asian, Bar

Belly Bao, CBD

The popular market eatery Belly Bao has finally found a permanent home at Goodgod Small Club. I’ve already visited the place a few times and each time they’ve been packed to the brim with hungry customers including myself all looking for their fill of delicious baos.

Baos – Braised Beef, Braised Pork, Crackling Pork

I have to admit that although all three of these are delicious variations of baos, the winning title almost definitely goes to the crackling pork belly. It’s just simply so good and what’s not to love about crackling?

Baos – Soft Shell Crab, Panko Chicken, Crispy Tofu

I’m not so much a fan of soft shell crab so I tend to avoid that. The panko chicken on and crispy tofu on the other hand are both delicious, the tofu goes extremely well with sriracha which is available on every table.

Sweet Potato Fries

These fries are terrifyingly addictive, I hardly got to eat any of these – they were gone before I even knew it because they’re just so good. The creamy hot sauce on top of the fries is heavenly.

Half Crunchy BBQ Chicken

I was surprised that the fried chicken here was that good, the half chicken goes for $15 and the full chicken for $25. I actually think that’s quite a good deal considering how good they are.

Baonana Split

Strawbelly Bao

On my first visit I came to the conclusion that the Strawbelly Bao was my favourite because of the ice cream but on the second I found the Baonana Split to be divine, I don’t know what to think anymore! Perhaps this just means I will just have to visit yet again to make up my mind 😉

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  1. That pork looks amazing!

  2. argh i still havent been because im scared of the queues but i will definitely have to visit to try that pork crackling bao!

  3. I am #sorrynotsorry for finishing at least half the fries! 😀

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