Next Door by Schibello, Rhodes

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Next Door by Schibello, Rhodes

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting the new roasting laboratory, research and training facility as well as the on-premises cafe at Schibello Caffe headquarters in Rhodes. After a little mingling session with coffee (of course!) and nibbles, we were taken on an eye opening tour of the facility itself.

The house blend I tried (pictured above) was very smooth coffee with slight hints of sweetness.

Very interesting choice of catering for the event. The wooden cart was a nice thoughtful addition and the food was a delicious mixture of cured meats, fresh vegetables, cheeses and breads. Although there wasn’t any hot food available on the cart there were also canapes being served by waiters throughout the evening.

Next Door by Schibello is the on-premises cafe that’s located right underneath the research and training facility. The cafe itself is ‘next door’ to the roasting lab, hence the name. A lot of effort and care has been taken to make the look and feel of the facility top notch and it’s certainly haven for good coffee.

The roaster at schibello is a beast of a machine and the room it’s kept in is almost like an oven in itself. This little room in the warehouse on the side is a mesmerising clockwerk of machines pumping out freshsly roasted coffee beans and even packaging them to be shipped out across the country. The smell was amazing.

Back in the training facility there’s a futuristic looking room dedicated to training baristas. This whole space including the other rooms are dedicated to training baristas and researching new coffee blends.

I was quite impressed by the facility as a whole, it’s likely not the largest roastery in Sydney but having never visited one before it opened my eyes to the process behind the coffee that I drink on a daily basis.

Mr C dined as a guest of Schibello Caffe and Latin PR.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. The catering cart looks totally cute! A little impractical (I can imagine how crowded it could get), but very cute.

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