SunPork Fresh Foods Showcase

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SunPork Fresh Foods Showcase

In late February I had the pleasure of dining at STUDIO Sydney Tower as part of a showcase of products and food by SunPork Fresh Foods. SunPork is Australia’s largest wholesalers of pork and they have a huge variety of packaged products as well as fresh meats that are sold in supermarkets across the country. The dishes created by Executive Chef Ashley Hughes of Trippas White Group throughout the evening leveraged pre-packaged ingredients from the following product range:

Crispy Asian salad, pork belly and sung choi bao, shredded pork

This dish makes use of the Slow Cooked Pork Belly and is served with a side of Thai style salad and spicy sauce, I was surprised that the dish turned out so well and it was easily one of my favourites as a lover of pork belly. The sung choi bao uses Shredded Pork and was designed to show that a quick and easy meal can be made with minimal effort, definitely also another great dish.

Sweet and spicy BBQ pork ribs, potato bake, lemon

This particular dish was prepared with the Sweet and Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs as the main item, the presentation of the dish and the taste was very nice but I noticed that the distinct smell of the sweet and spicy marinate didn’t go down well with me as it was quite pungent and overpowering.

Slow cooked pork belly

This is another dish which leverages the Slow Cooked Pork Belly product, it would definitely have to be my favourite product that was used throughout the evening. The pork belly is tender, tastes very good and the crackling is just perfect – not something you would generally expect from a packaged product.

Orecchiette, pork belly rashers, fresh peas, basil, mint (photo provided)

This dish, although a little underwhelming in presentation easily makes up for that in taste, I actually don’t recall a lot of pork being used in this dish when I was eating it but I did enjoy the pasta and I believe it uses diced Pork Belly Rashers as the key ingredient.

Porcini mushroom risotto, shaved truffle, shredded pork (photo provided)

The Shredded Pork was again used here to good effect, it’s good to see that a simple product combined with others and some preparation time can result in such a good dish. This could easily have been mistaken for a dish prepared by a very fancy restaurant and it tastes the part too with generous truffle and cheese.

Morrocan beef pastille

Prawn toast

Mushroom arancini

Prior to the event officially kicking off we were treated to a number of canapes which all utilised some of the products that SunPork offer including Pork Belly Rashers in Korean BBQ Sauce and Shredded Beef. I didn’t realise at first that the actual products were being used in canapes but I guess that goes to show that the quality of the meat is good enough to use even in a catering situation.

The venue was absolutely amazing, sweeping views of Sydney Harbour and beautiful mood lighting set the scene for a great evening. Overall this was definitely one of the most well run events I’ve been to in a long time and I think it effectively opened my eyes to the various products that SunPork offer. I’ll definitely be checking out the pork belly products because I always assumed it was a difficult dish to cook and prepare.


Mr C dined as a guest of SunPork Fresh Foods and KDPR.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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