IZBA Russian Treats, Newtown

on May 6, 2015 in Dessert, European, Other

IZBA Russian Treats, Newtown

IZBA Russian Treats is a little cafe located close to St Peters Station on King Street. The cafe is owner operated and serves up some surprisingly good dishes thanks to dedicated pastry chefs and traditional recipes.

IZBA Cake & Honey Cake

Out of all the dishes I had throughout the meal, the honey cake easily wins top dish. It’s quite difficult to describe in words but if I had to pick three descriptors I would go with: light, flavoursome and soft. The IZBA cake was also a nice pick but easily overshadowed by the famous honey cake.

Mushroom Pie

Since I’d woken up around 1-2 hours earlier I was quite famished and ready for lunch. The savoury pick for the day was the mushroom pie, an excellent choice with a nice pastry and generous amounts of mushroom.

Cheese Blini

You may have noticed that I got so far ahead of myself that I almost started eating this before being reminded that I didn’t take a photo. The blini was a delicious dish similar to a crepe but stuffed with cheese.

Of course being a cafe, IZBA has a great selection of drinks including the usual teas and coffees.

Overall I was quite impressed by the goods at IZBA, I wasn’t expecting a lot before visiting in person but I was intrigued by the unique concept so I decided to go anyway. I can safely say that the dishes (the amazing honey cake especially) blew me away and I was a very happily fed person walking out.

The Food Diary dined as guests of IZBA Russian Treats.
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  1. You have me lusting after the honey cake now! And pomegranate juice is the bees knees. Waking up a few hours before lunch sounds just like what I’d do, I’ll skip breakfast but will make up for it with an extra indulgent large lunch. Happy eating and keep em coming C and K

  2. Man the honey cake looks delicious!! Sweet tooth cravings kicking in 😛

  3. The honey cake is pretty special!!!!

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