Los Vida, CBD

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Los Vida, CBD

Los Vida is a chain of Mexican restaurants with various locations in Sydney, I had the pleasure of visiting their Westfield Sydney location up where Xanthi used to be located. The restaurant serves up a delicious mix of authentic Mexican dishes in a casual and welcoming atmosphere.

Gorditas – crunchy corn dough filled w beef picadillo, served with tomatillo sauce

I have to admit when these first arrived on the table I had no clue what they were and was struggling to figure that out. I’m now 90% sure that they were the gorditas, delicious little morsels of corn dough filled with meat and served with an interesting sour tasting sauce.

Guacamole w/ topotos

It’s not a Mexican meal without a good generous serving of guacamole corn chips. I loved the interesting addition of pomegranate in the guacamole which gave it a small hit of sweetness mixed into each bite.

Assorted tacos

Assorted tacos part 2

Los Vida does tacos with a very interesting twist. Customers are able to order a specially designed taco tasting rack which comes out with an array of different tacos to try, all of which are absolutely delicious and are served in a soft shell which I generally prefer. Oddly enough I really enjoyed the zucchini based taco and fish taco which are arguably the more unique tacos on the menu.

Watermelon salad

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw watermelon salad on the menu but I decided to order it just because I wanted to check it out as a fan of watermelon. The watermelon was surprisingly refreshing and went very well with the rocket based salad topped with cured meats.

Tuna ceviche

Ceviche is one of my favourite Mexican menu items, I can never really say no to conveniently bite sized corn chips covered in raw fish and a load of delicious ingredients with garnishes to top it all off.

Chorizo Flautas – chorizo, potato mash, tasty cheese, crunchy corn tortillas, with salsa verde and queso fresco

I’d never seen this type of dish before but I would probably have to say it was one of my favourites out of all the dishes. The crispy outer layer hides a flavoursome mix of chorizo and other ingredients. The addition of a nice creamy sauce and refreshing iceberg lettuce is hard to fault.

Beef Brisket – 350gram sliced beef w chimichurri, Mexican pickles, Refried beans, corn or flour tortillas

I was quite full by the time this last dish arrived but I had to try the tender looking slices of beef which turned out quite good. I would have preferred to see a more traditional chimmichurri sauce however as the sauce wasn’t quite what I was expecting when it arrived.

Chocolate Tart – ancho chilli & date

Bunuelos – pecan & cinnamon bunuelos w coffee anglaise

I personally was not able to really appreciate the desserts simply because I was so full by the end of this massive feast but I know the others certainly did as they devoured it. I did however really like the sweet coffee anglaise dip that went with the bunuelos.

Overall I was quite impressed with the restaurant, the interiors are beautifully decorate, very bright and very welcoming. A lot of hard work was put into those pots lining the roof but the result is a spectacular decoration (which is apparently very hard to clean). The food here is delicious and very good value for money considering what you get in terms of quality and serving size.

The Food Diary dined as guests of Los Vida & Cardinal Spin PR.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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