Vic’s Meat Market, Pyrmont

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Vic’s Meat Market, Pyrmont

Just last week I had the pleasure of visiting the recently opened Vic’s Meat Market for a really fun (and delicious) Tramontina Aus Churrasco Masterclass. The event was hosted at the al fresco wagyu tasting bar by Tramontina chef Juan Carlos Pancorbo and CEO of Vics Meat Anthony Puharich who walked all the guests through how to prepare and cook some iconic Brazilian churrasco dishes and meats.

The event gave a great insight into the philosophy and quality behind Vic’s Meat that has made it such a success story, and not to mention the high quality products from Tramontina which were used by the chefs at this event and which are also for sale in the store section.

Rump Steak

The meats came out so fast that it was a bit difficult to keep track of the tastes and flavours of each individual meat but I can assure you that they were simply mouth watering – I’m actually lost for words for once. I do recall that just about everyone approved of all the meats that came out and the most popular cut was clearly the picanha which is one of the most popular cuts in Brazil.

One of the most surprising takes was that the rump steak which was prepared and cook by the chef costs only $10 per kg which I thought was one hell of a steal. The cut tastes so good even without any seasoning or sauces that I would be very tempted to go pick one up for a barbecue.



The meats were served with a side of bread and tropeiro which is a mix of bacon, sausages, onions, kidney beans and many more ingredients. Also as expected there was plenty of tomato based vinaigrette and chimmi churri on offer as well as caipiroska to wash it all down as we went.

Tramontina Barbecue Set

Although this post doesn’t really cover the food on offer for the usual menu it’s worth noting that the quality of the meats from Vic’s was simply amazing. The meat were actually quite simple to prepare and cook and this masterclass has certainly inspired me to try it some time at home.

If I’m not mistaken some of the other bloggers there have already visited again to buy meats and check out some of the food. You can also check out some the regular menu items covered by Ramen Raff and Chocolatesuze which look absolutely delicious and would make a great meal in between shopping.

Mr C dined as a guest of Tramontina AUS, Vics Meat Market and 6DC Lifestyle PR.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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