Majestic Harvest, Petersham

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Majestic Harvest, Petersham

Majestic Gourmet Grocers located in Petersham, along with the cafe section dubbed Majestic Harvest is an interesting space with a great history behind it. The venue itself was previously a movie theater and a roller skating rink, nowadays it’s a cafe and gourmet deli – and soon to also be a wine bar.

The Vege Patch – quinoa, chickpea, sweet potato slab w/ asparagus, mushrooms, egg, truffle salsa verde

I couldn’t help but feature this dish as the main thumbnail, it was hands down my favourite dish. Not only is it just so photogenic, it’s also absolutely delicious. The vege slab smothered in truffle oil and topped with mushrooms and eggs is simply heavenly.

The Majestic – 3 eggs, Serrano ham, black pudding, baked beans, spinach, kale, wholegrain toast

I have to admit the signature breakfast dish didn’t quite appeal to me, though plenty of the others really loved it. I’ve never quite been a fan of beans, kale and especially black pudding so this definitely was not the dish for me. The Serrano ham was amazing though!

Salumi board selection of meats, cheese, pickles

The meats board served as an entree course was sourced directly from the deli in the main grocer area.

Salt , rosemary & lemon squid

Zucchini flower w/ ricotta, pine nuts, basil, burnt butter muscatel, lemon

Fish fillets

Aside from some of the breakfast and lighter dishes we were also able to sample some of the delicious fried goods on the menu. There wasn’t anything particularly standout about the fish fillets and squid dishes but the zucchini flowers were absolutely divine, each of the flowers were stuffed with a flavourful ricotta cheese and then fried to a crisp to give it a nice texture and taste.

Potato gnocchi, burnt sage butter, gorgonzola

The potato gnocchi with burnt sage butter and gorgonzola is an amazing dish, delicious and fluffy gnocchi smothered in an aromatic butter sauce is just so hard to beat. You can actually smell this dish from a mile away because the melted butter is so fragrant.

Egg tart

I’ve always loved a good portugese style egg tart, the ones prepared by Majestic Harvest were served slightly warm and crispy on top, exactly how they should be!

As you can see the venue is beautiful, you can almost feel some of the history behind the building itself. It’s a popular venue with the locals already  visiting droves, plenty of customers visit to browse the deli and grocery sections but just as many line up to eat at Majestic Harvest. Definitely check back when they’ve opened up the wine bar portion of the venue.

The Food Diary dined as guests of Wasamedia & Majestic Gourmet Grocers.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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