Stars on the Run, Pyrmont

on May 10, 2011 in European, Italian

Stars on the Run, Pyrmont

Stars on the run (now Stars at Pyrmont) is a little pizza place on the main street in Pyrmont, the best place I’ve been for a cheap eat (pizzas under $20) and its not only the pizza that’s good but also the pasta.

The above pasta was the greatest Fettucine Boscaiola I’ve ever had, it was perfectly creamy and the taste was very smooth but not overwhelming. (this stands as of 7th May 2012 :)).

Garden Salad with Italian Dressing

I’m not a big fan of garden salad but this one was passable since I had it side by side with pizza. The garlic pizza (top) was served at the same time and was a really nice starter to go with this salad.

Pyrmont Special Pizza

Unfortunately this was the last slice left when I realised I forgot to take a photo, I guess that goes to show just how good the pizza was! I believe it consisted of prawns, mushrooms, salami and chorizo, great mix of ingredients that went very well together, especially love how much mushrooms there were!

Locals definitely flock to stars on the run as the delicious pizza is well priced and consistent.

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