Coast, Darling Harbour

on Aug 12, 2011 in Modern Australian

Coast, Darling Harbour

This post is actually a bit late and I don’t remember why we came here for dinner. I believe it was to celebrate a job offer or some sort of achievement that I had recently. Oh well I’m going to post up the blog for Coast anyway because the food here was REALLY good and the waiters are very polite. 🙂

Very nice arrangement of cutlery, I guess this place can be described as a ‘almost’ fine dining seafood restaurant.

Italian Bread and Tuscan Olive Oil

The bread was great, I’m a fan of the good Olive Oil but others couldn’t care less 🙂

Grilled Eggplant, Paste and Steamed Fresh Calamari

Entrees can sometimes be interesting, this one was no exception and was a very nice departure from deep fried calamari. Certainly had much more taste to it and the Calamari was extremely tender, it almost tastes like it melts in your mouth.

The fresh crab and prawn linguine (top) was my dish for the night, I normally don’t have seafood pasta because its not something I like but I make an exception for Garlic Prawn, in this case it was almost the same so why not? Turns out to be my favourite dish of the night as well because it was an all round good plate of pasta.

Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout with Tomato and Olives

I love the food on offer at Coast and the price doesn’t kill the wallet ($25-35 mains) but having a look at the menu they don’t seem to have much variety, I’m not sure I would go back a second time as there are limited choices to what else I could try.

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