Lynn Shanghai, CBD

on Jan 25, 2012 in Asian, Chinese

Lynn Shanghai, CBD

I didn’t have much expectations from Lynn Shanghai at first, because it was located under a fitness center or something similar (Castlereagh Club), but one thing for sure was that they have really really good dumplings! Whats even better, they have lots of soup filled inside those freshly made on the spot dumplings. Knowing how much I love dumplings and Chinese food Mr C booked a table here after work and surprised me because I’d never heard of it before.

First up were the Pan Fried Dumplings (above) I just LOVED how there were so much soup inside! You’ve always got to be careful when you take your bite otherwise the soup might just squirt out from the other side and you’ll end up wasting the deliciously flavored soup! I was also really surprised how soft the pastry was, at other restaurants they’re sometimes a bit tough (I guess they weren’t fresh). The base of the pastry was amazing and crunchy as well! I ended up loving the base most, it’s so golden and crunchy!

Xiao Long Bao

No need to explain how good these little dumplings were! It was freshly made on the spot as mentioned before, so I guess you can imagine how amazing the taste would have been when you bite it. Mr C and I both agreed that these dumplings tasted really much alike Hutong @Melbourne. Just love the soup so much, and the texture was so soft, literally just melts in your mouth (the pork as well). I love overfilling my dumplings with vinegar the most, just beautiful.

Vegetable and Pork Wonton with Hot & Spicy Sauce

If you read our blogs a lot, I’m sure you’ve realised that Mr C and I both love chilli dishes, especially me 🙂 The chilli sauce was actually a bit strong for Mr C 🙂 He was sweating a bit…was really cute when he was staring at me to see if the chilli taste was going to get to me, but it didn’t.

If you’re a person that can withstand chilli, this dish is the one for you! I think the peanut toppings saved Mr C from the extreme chilli 😛 Even these wontons had soup fillings so I’m starting to think that every dumpling dish that Lynn delivers have soup!

Steamed Vegetable and Pork Dumplings

These were kind of pedestrian, but I’m still going to compliment how soft the pastry were. I can’t remember clearly whether these were also filled with soup, so can’t really comment much. Mr C seemed to really enjoy them but he always loves these kind of dumplings at every place we go 🙂

From left to right: Taro & Pearl Milk Tea

I have no idea why I ordered this, think I haven’t drank this in a long time, and I felt like a HK drink. Mr C just decided to follow me, copy cat 😛 Not sure with the normal milk tea, but my Taro had the little foamy stuff at the top, plus with the ice, was a perfect drink 🙂

Overall we rate Lynn Shanghai among the top Chinese restaurants in Sydney, I don’t feel that it tops Din Tai Fung quite yet but its very close and ranked second in my eyes. Lynn Shanghai does however have smaller crowds and better value on its side (most dishes are about $8-12 from what I recall) which can better suit some people.

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