Red Chilli Sichuan, Haymarket

on Jan 11, 2012 in Asian, Chinese

Red Chilli Sichuan, Haymarket

Deep fried chicken dices with hot chilli (above)

I’m obsessed with chilli and spicy food nowadays, no idea why but that’s why we came Red Chilli Sichuan.

This was our main dish of the night. Tasted much better than the Red Chilli Sichuan restaurant we went to in Melbourne, mainly because these little chicken pieces didn’t have bones. I really wouldn’t mind eating Sichuan food again! The bill at this place come to under $50 for two.

Their menu weighed almost 1kg

Chinese Kimchi and Peanuts

Yeah I also don’t understand why Chinese restaurants give out peanuts as side dishes whereas Korean restaurants give you better Kimchi, potatoes, salad, bean sprouts, and heaps of other varieties.

Sichuan Bean Jelly with Sour & Spicy Sauce

I hesitated this dish because I wanted some pork belly dish because it looked yummier in the photo. But surprisingly it tasted quite good. It was a bit weird to see peanuts in the dish but I realised you would desperately need it when the chilliness gets to you. These little peanuts saved Mr C and I. Loved the chilli sauce oil to it, it was tempting to drink it because it looked a bit like soup.

Stir Fried Baby Bok Choy with Mixed Mushrooms

I love this! Maybe because I’m a vegetables type of person. I don’t know what sauce they used but it tasted so good with my rice 🙂 And the Bok Choy was really soft. It’s also good to eat vegetables if you’re eating a lot of chilli because it helps even out the dish a bit.

UPDATE: We just visited the other store around the corner on harbor street which was very similar and tried a few new dishes. Very spicy chicken and chilli soup as well watermelon juice (actually quite good) and pork strips in chilli.

Pork with Chilli Oil and Vegetables

Watermelon Juice

Chicken Slices in Chilli Soup

Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant on UrbanspoonRed Chilli Sichuan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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