Lowenbrau Keller + The Illusionists

on Feb 2, 2012 in European, German

Lowenbrau Keller + The Illusionists

We just had a very nice weekend at Circular Quay/The Rocks with a fun theater show and lunch 🙂

The two of us managed to get tickets to the Illusionists @ Sydney Opera House! The magic show itself was awesome, we had some sandwiches and Lemon/Lime Betters for breakfast and during the show 🙂 I managed to secure really front row tickets for low cost by playing around with the Ticketek system which was why we ended up clicking buy.

After the show we walked over to the Rocks to have lunch at Lowenbrau since we were craving German, Bavarian Bier Cafe was too far anyway.

Complimentary Salad

Not a fan, just plain salad garden salad with little dressing. We didn’t have any beer this time round but I have to say Lowenbrau beer is the best ever.

Mashed Potatoes, Mushroom Sauce and Chicken Schnitzel (top), more please 😀 This was Miss K’s dish and she loved it, it has all the perfect ingredients like creamy mash and perfect mushroom sauce to top the chicken schnitzel.

Crackling Pork Belly with Roasted Potatoes and Red Sauerkraut

This was obviously my dish, I absolutely love Pork Crackling and I think I could eat this everyday, it’s definitely so not good for me but I don’t care because it tastes amazing!

Lowenbrau is overall probably my favorite German restaurant, it easily beats Essen and Bavarian Bier Cafe, unfortunately it also exceeds it in price but it’s well worth the cost! At about $30-40 per main and $10~ per drink, the bill can get pricey very fast.

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