2042 Cafe & Deli, Newtown

on Mar 23, 2012 in Cafe

2042 Cafe & Deli, Newtown

When Mr C told me we were going to go Newtown for lunch, I honestly didn’t want to go. I always thought it was a bit dangerous and dodgy because I’ve never been there. But since I’m typing this, that obviously it means I enjoyed 2042 Cafe & Deli and Newtown.

The cafe was so good we went back there a second time and tried out some new dishes and they didn’t disappoint! I especially loved the Wagyu Sandwich which was interesting especially with the Sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, not something I’ve seen offered anywhere else.

Skim Latte

Smoked Wagyu Beef, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut Sandwich

This place was where I had my first eggs benedict (top). Mr C had been talking about it for a while after he had his free breakfast food from work and told me I’ll probably like it – he was right, I really did love it! It has my favorite poached eggs, salmon and bread (I like bread). This was a perfect meal for me! It was amazing how good the cherry tomatoes and salad were as well. I didn’t want to cut the pretty egg because it looked so delicate, and then Mr C killed it he knew I was never going to do it 🙁 All that beautiful yolk oozing out from the white looks so delicious.

Oh and the dishes at 2042 Cafe & Deli are about $10-20 per person, forgot to mention because I’m so excited right now! 🙂

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