Mamak, Haymarket

on Jul 11, 2012 in Asian, Malaysian

Mamak, Haymarket

We’ve actually been to Mamak three times now but never had any great photos to make a blog about it. This time we decided to dine there because the line was short and we were walking close by looking for somewhere to eat. Mamak is (arguably) the best place in Sydney for authentic Roti and Malaysian cuisine, dishes include a large variety of Roti and other signature dishes such as Nasi Lemak (pictured above), Satay Skewers and Mee Goreng.

Our first dish to arrive was the Nasi Lemak, for those who don’t know this is actually the national dish of Malaysia and consists of fish, egg, coconut rice and a choice of meat. Miss K can’t bring herself to eat lamb so I ate this dish myself and I can definitely say it tastes delicious.

Ais Teh (Ice Milk Tea)

Teh Tarik (hot)

These two drinks are mainly found in Malaysian restaurants, they both taste similar except obviously one is hot and the other not. Ais Teh is nice and refreshing, Teh Tarik is interesting as the process in making it involves ‘stretching’ the drink to create the foam. I suggest you search youtube to see what I mean, it’s a bit hard to describe 🙂

Roti Canai

Roti Canai is probably the most popular kind of Roti, its a simple and great tasting pastry kind of dish with a spicy and creamy curry dip to go with it, great tasting and filling.

Roti Telur Bawang

This Roti is slightly different as it consists of egg and red onions, this gives it good taste and makes it more filling, I personally prefer this as my favourite.

Chicken Murtabak

To finish off we also ordered this as we had never tried it before. It’s basically the Telur Bawang but also contains chicken and more egg. This was very filling and we had difficulty finishing the plates, dipping it in curry (or any roti in curry) makes it the perfect match.

I would definitely recommend Mamak to anyone who might be interested, you won’t get better authentic Malay anywhere else in Sydney and the price of food is relatively cheap.

Mamak on Urbanspoon
Mamak on Urbanspoon

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  1. Yes, agreed that the food there is delicious and it makes my mouth water, just looking at the pictures. The place is owned by my mums friends son. Pity no discounts for me though. 🙁

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