Oiden, Town Hall

on Aug 15, 2012 in Asian, Japanese

Oiden, Town Hall

Isn’t that picture beautiful and mouth watering? That’s Teriyaki Chicken with rice and half boiled egg! Mr C and I have been eating at Mappen next door for ages and one day we walked in for lunch to see Oiden right next door which was a Rice Bar (Mappen is a Noodle Bar). We both looked at each other at the same time and that obviously means we’re going to eat there straight away 🙂

The place is similar to Mappen where you line up, order your main dish with any extras then take your tray and pickup any side dishes you want before paying at the end. I love this but I hate it too cause I always get tempted to grab everything in front of me 🙁

Beef Curry Rice

Mr C decided to order a beef curry rice which actually tasted really authentic like higher end restaurants. He didn’t get an egg with it this time round though.
I also think that’s a deep fried sweet potato in the background but it’s hard to remember.

Flame Grilled Chicken with Egg

This was a grilled chicken I saw them cooking behind a glass wall, it looked so juicy and tender that I had to try it and of course add an egg to it 🙂

Beef Curry with Egg

On our second visit Mr C didn’t forget to get the egg this time and it went SO good with the beef curry 🙂 Note that hashed beef is different to the beef curry (we prefer the curry).

Tempura Potato

Mr C and his fatty food. It was definitely good anyway cause I ate half of it 😀

We love Oiden rice bar because its so convenient, quick and located right in the middle of Town Hall. We normally spend no more than $12 for each of us and its very filling and yummy.

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