Menya Mappen, CBD

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Menya Mappen, CBD

Menya Mappen is a great place to have a cheap and filling meal in the CBD, located right in the middle of Town Hall it’s very convenient and prices are very reasonable ($3.90 for a bowl of noodles). Miss K and I often come here for cheap meals as the dishes are very authentic and reminds us of all the noodle bars we dined at in Japan.

Basically you pick a main dish (Soba or Udon generally) and then take it down a cafeteria-style aisle and pickup any sides you want to go with it – pay at the end!

Tempura Side Dishes

Even more!

Our favorite from the above is definitely the Sweet Potato, most likely one of the healthier and tasty options and very good value at only $1 each piece. A lot of the time we’re happy to forgo any side dishes and just have the noodles which are tasty enough on their own.

Tempura Sauce & Matcha Iced Tea

We generally don’t grab much other than the Tempura dishes as the others are not as great value – green tea on the other hand is hard to refuse 🙂

Cold Soba Noodles

Hot Soba with Soup

Egg with Rice

As you can tell – we very much prefer Soba over Udon. It’s healthier and much easier to eat as well as having a better taste – nothing beats authentic Japanese Soba. (Except maybe Ramen)

If you haven’t been to Menya Mappen before – make sure you check it out as I’m sure you’ll be hooked. It’s very popular during lunch times and dinners so be prepared to wait in line.

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Mappen on Urbanspoon

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