Sydney Madang, CBD

on Sep 28, 2012 in Asian, Korean

Sydney Madang, CBD

Situated inside an alleyway is one of our favorite KBBQ restaurants in Sydney! Mr C and I have never queued more than 15 minutes during peak times so I guess is one of the reasons we come here. The other reason is their wide variety of side dishes and the fact they let you order unlimited refills 🙂 If you love Korean BBQ make sure to try Sydney Madang.


Fish cake

Salad with some sort of seasoning

Honey Marinated Roasted Potato

I have to say that the side dishes at Sydney Madang are some of the best I’ve had in any Korean restaurant – they taste fresh (probably because there are so many customers) and they always give out a generous amount even when asking for refills which we always love doing for the Kim Chi and roasted honey potatoes.

Marinated Spicy Chicken

Very rich marinated taste in the chicken and biting size was perfect, we didn’t even have to cut it. I love the spicy taste, Mr C wants to go to Korea just to have this dish 🙂 This is a dish that we order at every Korean restaurant if we decide on having a BBQ.

Pork Belly

This is literally my favorite pork belly out of all restaurants and I don’t usually eat pork. I love how they’re curled up like a hoof 🙂 I just love this pork belly, it’s much softer, tender and tastier! Other restaurants offerings taste ordinary in comparison to this top notch pork.

Mushroom pancake

I think this is the only Korean restaurant that serves Mushroom pancake. I love those mushrooms, and I love the chilli/sour sauce you dip them in with. I love the strong mushroom smell from the pancakes. Unfortunately we never seem to finish this and always regret it, so we tend to not order too many meat BBQ dishes. On top of these we also always order rice!

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  1. My favourite Korean! Love the seafood pancake, but must try the mushroom one sometime…

  2. I think I could eat Korean BBQ everyday (aside from the biasness) it really is so delicious!

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