Ippudo, CBD

on Jan 26, 2013 in Asian, Japanese

Ippudo, CBD

The thumbnail is the delicious Ippudo Pork Bun! The bread was super soft and pure white which went well with the juicy pork, I simply loved it and would order it again!

About a month ago, Mr C and I walked past a restaurant in Westfield Sydney with a massive line! We realised it was Ippudo, a famous ramen chain available around the world. We wanted to try, but the line was ridiculously long, so we both decided to wait after we return from our overseas trip before giving this place a try. Surprisingly they have other chain restaurants in a few countries in Asia we visited, but we didn’t notice any on our travels. o.o

Shiromaru Tomago Ramen

Looking at that pretty colour of ramen soup makes me crave for it again. The tonkotsu was perfect, in terms of flavour, texture and weight!! In our previous post for Gumshara Ramen, we said the soup was extremely thick. However Ippudo is different, where their soup is at the right level of soup thickness, so it wasn’t as filling as much and I was able to finish our other ordered dishes! The pork was kind of tough and dry, unlike Gumshara where it melts into your mouth. The tamago egg was delicious, super creamy and the flavour is much different to other eggs we’ve had. (Spellcheck just recommended maggot instead of tamago, lost my appetite for a second there)

Portobello & Tofu Sukiyaki

Our ‘main’. It looks like there’s a lot of tofu, but there is only 2-3. The other ‘tofu-lookalike’ was actually rolled up onions which I didn’t see clearly. The soup is quite heavy on the sweetness, I was slightly tempted to add some water, but there were too many waiter/waitresses so didn’t want to look rude :). I thought there were no mushrooms, but it’s a really long, thin mushroom that divides the tofu and rolled up onions.

 I think I can safely say that Ippudo is now one of my new favourite ramen restaurants in Sydney (though it is a bit pricey), we visited right after our trip to Japan and was surprised at how authentic it was!

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  1. So much to want to eat in this one post! The buns and the egg and the ramen broth. In this rainy weather, it would have been perfect! 😀

  2. I can’t decide whether I like the pork buns at ippudo or momofuku better!

    Still yet to try the ramen at Gumshara!!

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