El Jannah, Granville

on Mar 7, 2013 in Middle Eastern

El Jannah, Granville

El Jannah and Charcoal Chicken, two words which make me drool just thinking about it. See that crispy chicken right up there?, it’s the juiciest and most delicious piece of chicken I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating in my life. I believe El Jannah is probably something of a legend in Sydney since pretty much everyone has heard of them (and their garlic sauce, more on that later). Since I hadn’t visited for my fix in so long I decided to get a box of takeaway to take home with Miss K, the chicken surprisingly holds up really well in takeaway packaging and is just as juicy and full of flavour as if I just bought it.


I don’t usually order falafel but since I didn’t think the chicken and chips alone would fill me up I decided to grab these, quite good in my opinion and would definitely order them again since they seem a bit healthier than chips and I actually love chickpeas anyway 🙂

Hot Chips with Chicken Salt

I can’t say much about chips, but these are some of the better hot chips I’ve had in a while, with plenty of chicken salt on top!

Garlic Sauce

The final piece which makes this meal insanely awesome is the garlic sauce, it’s hard to say which one is better between garlic sauce and chicken. Hands down I don’t think a meal with El Jannahs chicken would be anywhere near as good as it was without this big box of creamy garlic sauce to dip chicken and chips in. The sauce is so much thicker and tastier than other places which make garlic sauce very runny and mixed with other herbs.

El Jannah on Urbanspoon
El Jannah on Urbanspoon
El Jannah on Urbanspoon


  1. Just came back after a long absence, was as good as I remembered, esp garlic sauce

  2. By golly, I love falafels and those ones look crispy and amazing. The chicken looks fantastic too. There are heaps of charcoal chicken places in Melbourne but hardly any do falafels as well, let alone chicken that looks so juicy and tender. Jealous!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their garlic sauce! It’s all sorts of amazeballs, but definitely not good for your breath LOL. Unfortunately when I went, the chicken that we got was extremely dry 🙁 Nothing the pickles and garlic sauce on the side couldn’t fix though! 😀

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