Felix Bistro and Bar, CBD

on Apr 17, 2013 in European, French

Felix Bistro and Bar, CBD

Miss K and I recently visited Felix Bistro and Bar with some friends for a celebration. I was always a bit interested in Felix as good French cuisine seems to be hard to come by in Sydney, Merivale however is well known for it’s restaurants and Felix is no exception – having previously been a recipient of a chefs hat award.

The restaurant is hidden in a nice and cosy little laneway in Wynyard full of other Merivale establishments such as Ash St Cellar, Ucello, Pacha and Ivy. After a little bit of drama trying to get all of our group to the restaurant we finally got started with ordering from the Prix Fixe menu. We also got a large amount of complimentary bread and butter which were suprisingly good.

Smoked chicken, frisée, onion compote and crispy fried poached egg

Some of the group went with this dish for starters, after ordering we completely forgot there was a poached egg so poking the little fried ball and discovering it was filled with runny yolk was a little bit of a novelty – Miss K loves eggs and salads so she loved this dish. Overall the salad was light but surprisingly filling with a strong sour (vinegar most likely) and smoky taste to it.

Spatchcock, baby spinach, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked bacon salad

This dish was one I ordered myself, it’s not often I see spatchcock on the menu so I thought I might give it a try and see how it tasted. I have to admit it tasted a lot like roast chicken to me but the dressing and sides went very well with it and I love spinach and artichoke, the meat was a bit more tough and gamey than chicken but not overly so and covered in delicious dressing.

Duck confit, salad of white beans, bacon, capsicum and tomato

Miss K ordered this dish, she liked the saltiness and the salad that went with it. I tried a little bit of it and didn’t really like the dryness of the duck (it did taste pretty good though), the salad had a lot of beans which I wasn’t a big fan of either so I didn’t enjoy this overall.

Grilled king salmon, wilted spinach and sauce vierge

Neither Miss K or myself had this dish but I was told by others that it was very tender and the sauce tasted really nice. Aside from that I liked the look of the dish overall and would probably have enjoyed it myself.

Chocolate fondant, tonka bean ice cream and hazelnut praline

Again Miss K and I didn’t order this dish but the waitress mentioned it was her favourite and I was told it was ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ good, I would definitely love to try it myself 🙂

Vanilla Parfait, fig, maple syrup

Miss K and I shared this dessert to finish off, I really liked the vanilla Parfait along with the fig – they mixed together really well and it wasn’t overly sweet. I don’t recall what the creamy part of the dish at the bottom was but it was quite similar to some sort of ice cream and I’m never going to say I don’t like ice cream!

Profiteroles, vanilla ice cream, pistachio custard and hot chocolate sauce

This dish also looked great, two of the group decided to order this and they both enjoyed it quite a bit. The chocolate hot sauce was poured on afterwards and it looked very appetising.

Overall I would definitely head back to Felix Bistro for special occasions, aside from that I didn’t find anything ‘unique’ about their dishes so I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit. That being said they’re all definitely full of quality and very delicious so not a bad dinner at all.

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  1. I’ve never tried spatchcock though everyone seems to compare it to chicken! Just like how everyone compares frog’s legs to chicken too 😛

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