Braza Churrascaria, Leichardt

on May 3, 2013 in South American

Braza Churrascaria, Leichardt

Braza Churrascaria is a typical Brazilian Churrasco restaurant. Those who are confused, it’s basically all you can eat Brazilian meats and side dishes, except the food comes to you in the form of waiters holding skewers of different meats. I’ve been to some Churrasco’s before however I have to say right away that Braza Churrascaria is one of the best in Sydney for both food, decor and service.

The first dish that was wildly popular is the above Chicken Drumsticks (and wings) which we had plenty of, you can order as much as you want so I took a bucketload and ate them within minutes.

Tomato Salsa

Mixed Rocket Salad

Better Battered Chips

We tried not to overload ourselves with side dishes, there are plenty of options ranging from rice all the way to salads. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of our Chimmichurri sauce which I have to say is a must when eating Churrasco, it’s basically a greenish sauce/paste with herbs that goes really well with the meat. Second favourite side dish is definitely the Tomato Salsa which is so full of flavour and delicious.


One of the more interesting skewers was the BBQ pineapple which is amazingly juicy and tasty. Miss K ordered at least 7 servings of this alone (why would you do such a thing!) instead of meat. I tried a few as well and although they were really good I prefer to eat meat since I’m a fatty 🙂

I honestly don’t recall what half the meat here is anymore, but some of the varieties on offer were Beef Flank, Rump Cap and Scotch Fillet. Pork came in ribs, neck and leg options. There were also random skewers of chicken, lamb and fish which weren’t as popular as the beef. All the meat is marinated in some form of Brazilian sauce which is slightly sour yet so mouth watering. I would say I managed to eat about 500-700grams of meat + side dishes this meal!

Most of the beef comes medium rare, the lamb is the same. Chicken and Pork were perfectly cooked so they weren’t too dry. Seriously though, if you love meat this place is heaven.

Overall this Braza Churrascaria is a great option, they have a branch in Darling Quarter as well which recently opened for those near the City. The menu is about $47pp for unlimited food, unfortunately this doesn’t include any drinks so it is a little pricey. If you’re a big eater though this is great value since the food is top notch and the service impeccable and friendly.

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