Ramen-Kan, Haymarket

on May 30, 2013 in Asian, Japanese

Ramen-Kan, Haymarket

Ramen-Kan is an established ramen restaurant located above Oportos near Sydney Entertainment Centre that offers a variety of cheap and efficient meals. Sometimes I wonder how people even manage to discover the restaurant because it’s located upstairs and the entrance door to the elevator can be easily missed. It must be through word of mouth and also because it’s a very convenient and close Japanese restaurant for us university students from nearby UTS Haymarket campus.

We decided to get a Sashimi Starter (As shown in the thumbnail) for entree as we were both craving something really cold. That craving automatically led to the sashimi when we spotted it on the side dish menu, if I recall correctly the price was only $3 and tasted fresh.

Tonkotsu Pork Ramen

Usually Mr C orders tonkotsu ramen however, this time he didn’t particularly feel like it and I was craving it so our roles swapped 😀 I suppose I can say their tonkotsu ramen tastes similar to other Japanese restaurants and of fairly good quality but I was very hungry that day and it tasted like heaven to me, especially with their deliciously creamy egg to accompany it.

Karaage Curry Cheese Ramen

Mmmm I really loved their karaage chicken, the reason was that it was fried more with a thicker outer skin regardless how unhealthy that is, but it was tasty! Their soup base for this one was actually a curry mix which is a first for us (In Sydney at least) and we felt it could have been done a bit better since it tasted like they diluted it with normal chicken or pork soup to make it watery, though that may be because our comparison dish was in Sapporo, Japan and raised our expectations a fair bit.

Ramen-Kan is definitely worth a visit for a quick meal if you’re in the area, but to be honest there are plenty of better alternatives nearby such as Menya and Gumshara. The prices are quite similar but the food seems to be of ‘slightly’ less quality, the only thing it really offers different to the other two is some variety since we eat around the area quite often.

Ramen-Kan on Urbanspoon
Ramen-Kan on Urbanspoon

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