Satang Thai, CBD

on May 6, 2013 in Asian, Thai

Satang Thai, CBD

Satang Thai is the closest Thai restaurant to our university so we often come here for lunch. The setup is a bit interesting as there are two restaurants with the same name (really just the same restaurant) across the road from each other, one seems to specialise in takeaway, the other dine in.

The first photo above is Panang Curry with Pork. We’re both a big fan of panang curry and decided to try it with pork this time rather than chicken (that I always order in other Thai restaurants XD). The panang curry didn’t have much of a strong flavour, quite drippy but it was still delicious and edible for a cheap meal.

Chicken Pad Thai

Pad Thai is suppose to be their top dish in the restaurant and I see almost everyone in the restaurant order this. This is my favourite Pad Thai out of all the restaurants I’ve eaten. It has a really strong flavour and there’s something different about their noodles. It’s very tangy and chewy, I just love it! The flavour speaks for itself, it makes you want it even more even when you’ve finished. I will forever order this dish every time I come here because it’s that good and has a huge serving.

Chilli Vinegar

Mr C mentioned adding vinegar to the Pad Thai would be more yummy and I guess it did! Though, either with or without, the Pad Thai still tastes good 😀 I wouldn’t say you should go out of your way to come here, but if you’re close to area it’s definitely worth checking out for a cheap and decent feed.

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  1. used to love going here before and after uni lectures and tutes as well lol. even had my grad lunch here. massive fan of the pad thai and satay chicken skewers!

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