The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

on May 10, 2013 in Cafe, Modern Australian

The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

Miss K and I finally got around to visiting the ever popular Grounds of Alexandria. My lecture got cancelled in the middle of the week so I took this opportunity to head off away from Uni towards Alexandria and try the food while it wasn’t busy (Weekends are insanely busy apparently). The wait for a table was only 15 minutes so we definitely made a good decision since Saturday would have been a killer. There is however the option of takeway for those who don’t want to wait, albeit the menu is much more limited.

After some fun exploring the area (more on that later) we got buzzed to head back to the cafe for our table. The interior is really nice as many have said, one of the nicest cafes we’ve visited.

I ordered a braised beef sandwich (pictured above), unfortunately I forgot exactly what was in the sandwich and they don’t have one readily available on the site so I forget everything in this dish. It was a surprisingly good sandwich though, I remember there being beetroot and a side of pickles with really good garlic aioli.

Chicken Pot Pie w/ Chips

Miss K went for the Chicken Pot Pie which was served with a side of battered chips. The waiter who served this accidentally knocked the chips off the table but quickly got us another within a minute and apologised twice which I thought was really good service. The pie itself was full of delicious chicken and creamy insides, nothing too special about it but it made for a good lunch and the chips were crispy.

Skim Latte

The coffee on the other hand… this is probably the BEST coffee I’ve had in Sydney. I saw some mixed reviews for the coffee here but wow it was so good when I had it. It had the perfect amount of foam, milk and taste. No burnt taste and very little bitterness (some may like that though).

Quite a lot of photos above, these are all of the gardens and outdoor dining area next to the cafe. Kevin Bacon was a very popular attraction (yes he is awesome) along with a bunch of egg laying chickens right next door, the outdoor area is beautiful and the outdoor seating for takeaway is very relaxing and filled with good places to sit back and relax with a coffee or takeaway lunch.

The cafe seems to be very popular for kids and families are everywhere so that’s definitely a nice change from other cafes who are usually very against children. Overall I would say the hype is well deserved and it really is one of the most unique cafes in Sydney, the lines do get a bit ridiculous though so get in early if you want to eat in the cafe without waiting 2 hours!

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