Sushi Rio, CBD

on Jun 13, 2013 in Asian, Japanese

Sushi Rio, CBD

Sushi Rio is one of those places we visited once a long time ago and simply never got around to revisiting, until now at least. We decided to visit again when we walked past after a night out at Vivid Sydney and because we both remembered how tasty and delicious their sushi dishes were, which are on par with popular places like Makoto and Hotaru also located nearby in the city.

The thumbnail above is Tuna Nigiri, I have to admit that I really don’t know what else to say about this dish since we’ve blogged about it at least a few times now and have yet to try a ‘bad’ Tuna Nigiri that we didn’t enjoy. My usual comments stand, it was fresh and full of flavour.

Mushroom Salad

We both wanted to try something different besides the sushi dishes, and it was definitely a refreshing and healthy dish! I was pleasantly surprised how there was a lot of mushrooms to have, enough to share between 2 people as a decent side dish. I actually really liked the mushrooms here because they were dressed with a nice vinegar tasting sauce that seemed to be infused with the mushrooms, almost as if they were pickled together.

Deep Fried Crab Claws

I have actually never ever had this dish before and I loved it so much. There was so much crab meat inside that had me filled up after 2 bites! Unfortunately my crab ball fell off from the claw because it was simply too heavy for the claw to support it 🙁 The outside was so crispy and delicious with the mayo and I was so sad when I finished it. I even went to dig for more crab meat inside the claw, while Mr C was laughing at me for being so desperate 🙂

Aburi Salmon

How could we eat at a sushi restaurant without ordering this! It was so warm when it arrived, and the texture of it in your mouth is so amazing. It was smoky, warm and melts as soon as you take the first bite. It always goes so well with the mayo and smoky flavour and it’s probably my favourite sushi dish of all time no matter where I am.

Tataki Nigiri

I’ve always enjoyed tataki and I don’t believe I’ve tried a tataki nigiri before, so it was a must try this time round! It’s not 100% raw so that’s a slight plus good for those of you who don’t like the sound of eating completely raw beef. I was very happy that the tataki was easy to chew, rather than being chewy to the point that you’re trying to break it apart and you’re embarrassed that other people can see the piece of meat hanging from your mouth. 🙂

Sushi Rio is one of the big names for Sydney Sushi, alongside the other top sushi train restaurants they definitely offer some really decent dishes that are both affordable and high quality. I believe they do $3 plates all day long, compared to a few years back when it was only during lunch time and other specified times, be sure to try out some of the more interesting dishes here as they do them quite well.

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