The Rice Den, Chatswood

on Jul 6, 2013 in Asian

The Rice Den, Chatswood

On my birthday we were originally planning to go to Ryo’s Noodles for a relaxing day out but they were closed for the next two weeks. As an alternative we decided to visit Chatswood and pick something to eat there instead, we walked past The Rice Den and the menu looked quite interesting so we took the plunge and visited the restaurant for something a little different.

Apparently Miss K had never had Nem Nuong (Vietnamese pork) before so I decided to order the Nem Nuong San Choy Bau as a starter. In the end I decided to eat the meat separate from the Nem Nuong as it was hard to handle the lettuce cups which were filled Vietnamese style with carrots, radish, coriander and spring onions. The was meat very tasty and I enjoyed the refreshing dressing that went with the Nem Nuong.

Red Duck Curry

Yet again apparently Miss K had never had Red Duck Curry before so I ordered this as well knowing that would love it. I really love duck curry because it’s a departure from the usual chicken curries that I always have and they usually have interesting ingredients such as the lychee which was present in this dish.

Mi Goreng (beef, sambal)

We were trying to decide what else to try on the menu and with our recent memory of the awesome Mee Goreng at Chinta Ria we decided to go with the Mi Goreng since we couldn’t decide. I have to admit it’s not as good as Chinta Ria (as expected) but it’s always a comfort food that’s easy to eat and tasty.

The lunch menus at The Rice Den are $10 per main, during dinner and other times it is about $12-18 per main. I’ll be visiting to check out some of their more interesting dishes next time I’m in Chatswood 🙂

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  1. Happy late birthday! Hooray for duck curry – I love it too 😀

  2. Happy belated bday Mr C!

    Yum nem nuongs! I gotta get myself there!

    – Ando

  3. the mi goreng looks really good!

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