Seoul Ria, CBD

on Jan 22, 2014 in Asian, Korean

Seoul Ria, CBD

Seoul Ria is a pretty big Korean restaurant hidden upstairs right in the middle of Town Hall near Chinatown that can easily be missed. Mr C and I have visited here regularly throughout our university life and we always return for their variety of side dishes and consistency. After not visiting this place for about half a year as we were too busy, the restaurant seemed to have a major change. They introduced a new menu, renovated a little and the serving sizes increased so it was definitely a good thing!

Black Bean Noodles

The black bean noodles were definitely not in the menu before, at least from what I could remember and of course was a must order for me as I love black bean noodles. When it arrived on our table I could tell it would be tasty. The black bean sauce was quite thick with lots of little pieces of onions, beans and meat. The noodles were neve rending as well, the more you keep eating, the more there seems to be.

Chilli Chicken

Chilli chicken is Mr C and I’s favourite Korean dish, there’s just something extraordinary about the flavour that the Korean chilli paste exudes. Although the serving looks quite small, there’s plenty of chicken pieces to get you filled up along with rice. It may also not look as spicy as you expect, but believe me, the spiciness will get to you as it seems to build up. And the flavour itself? It’s rich, light and tangy while not letting the chilli overpower the taste.

We also noticed that they’ve installed Korean BBQ plates into the tables, we’ve never tried the BBQ dishes here before as they do really good non-BBQ dishes unlike most other Korean restaurants. The prices are also quite reasonable and you can easily have a meal for two under $40 🙂

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