Yullis, Surry Hills

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Yullis, Surry Hills

Earlier this week Miss K and I decided to have dinner at Surry Hills but wanted to try something a little different. Since I’d heard lots of good things about Yullis on Crown St we decided to walk in without a booking, luckily we managed to get seated as it was a bit earlier in the night. As the evening progressed it was clear that the restaurant is extremely popular with bookings on almost all the tables.

When I saw that the menu included Steamed Leek and Ginger Dumplings I knew I had to order it as it sounded like a great dish. The dumplings have a very nice presentation and slightly chewy texture to the skin however the ginger taste is a bit strong and overpowering which I didn’t like.

Edamame and Coconut Moneybags w/ pineapple sweet chilli sauce

Since the dinner was quite early we decided to go with a few smaller sized dishes and share them between us as we weren’t very hungry. I saw this interesting mix of coconut, peas and pineapple with sweet chilli sauce so I decided to take the plunge and see if it was any good. I was quite happy to find that the texture and taste of the fillings were quite nice and the sweet chilli was an added bonus.

Eggplant Involtini w/ eggplant, buffalo mozarella, tomato, spinach and roti

I knew that going to a vegetarian restaurant would probably result in me picking food that resembled a meat based dish, I settled with the cheese and eggplant dish as the next best thing 🙂 This turned out to be my favourite dish of the night as it was quite similar to Moussaka but with more flavour.

I was quite happy with Yullis however I honestly think I would prefer food with meat, it’s just not the same 🙂 Those that are interested in vegeterian food (or are vegetarian) will love Yullis as they have a very interesting menu with inventive dishes that are both delicious and could easily replace a meaty meal.

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  1. The edamame and coconut money bags sound delish – and look so pretty too!

  2. you should try the haloumi :). friend had the biggest foodgasm ever when she tried it lol

  3. Not a vego guy usually, but if this is anything like Peace Harmony, I’ll definitely be down to treat my taste buds!

  4. i loooove eggplant so that involtini sounds delish!

  5. have heard a lot about this place! cant wait to try it out!

  6. I really liked the eggplant involtini as well! But I found a lot of the other dishes to be a little too oily for my liking

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