Sushi Yachiyo, Kings Cross

on Mar 31, 2014 in Asian, Japanese

Sushi Yachiyo, Kings Cross

Our latest venture into Kings Cross was on a whim simply to try out some new restaurants, we decided to stop by and visit Sushi Yachiyo which we were told was one of the best Japanese restaurants in the area. Since we’d been spending quite a lot on dining recently  it was a relief to find out it was reasonably priced.

During lunch time they offer a great deal through the set menus which includes a number of different entrees and a choice of main. Miss K decided to get the Sashimi Set (above) which came with a mix of kingfish, tuna and salmon sashimi. The sashimi is definitely fresh, we have sashimi so often nowadays that it’s started to become quite apparent which restaurants use fresh fish and those that use of sub par quality.

Miso Soup & Salad

Agedashi Tofu

Chawan Mushi

As we were each ordering off the lunch set menu they both included some starters such as a salad, miso soup, chawan mushi and agedashi tofu. I really enjoyed the chawan mushi, the egg has a very silky texture which coupled with mushrooms and other herbs, gave it a mouth watering taste. The other dishes served as starters are harder to judge because we have so many so I would class them as average.

Wagyu Gyoza

I myself couldn’t help but order the wagyu gyoza simply because I hadn’t had gyoza or wagyu in ages. Despite it being more like chinese dumplings than authentic gyoza I was actually quite happy with the taste which was a nice mix of herbs and beef. Since I’m a fan of sauce on any type of food I eat I was delighted to find out it was served alongside ponzu dipping sauce.

Chocolate w/ Soybean Powder

To finish off we were given an interesting taster of chocolate and soybean powder, I was quite surprised that they went so well together. The creamy chocolate melts in your mouth and mixes with the soybean to create a really different taste which turned out both unique and pleasing.

To be honest I probably won’t be returning simply because it’s in Kings Cross, not exactly an area I go out of my way to visit. That being said Sushi Yachiyo was definitely a surprise and we enjoyed our meals 🙂 I can imagine it being quite a popular place simply because of the quality of the food so definitely visit if you’re in the area – though maybe not on a Friday or Saturday evening!

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