Vapiano, CBD

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Vapiano, CBD

The first time Mr C and I experienced Vapiano was a few years back when we were at the Gold Coast for a holiday and stumbled upon it randomly while looking for an Italian restaurant, we really enjoyed it and always wished that it would open in Sydney. When Mr C told me that Vapiano was finally opening in Sydney, I couldn’t stop mentioning how excited I was to visit because I was craving the pizza and pasta.

The food at Vapiano is a bistro style setup with an interesting twist, everyone has their own individual contactless card that is used to record what they order and pay at the end. This would be really convenient for friends that are going out to eat in a group since it solves the problem of bill splitting instantly!

Pollo E Spinachi Pasta

The choice of pasta is quite varied and you’re able to pick which sauce, ingredients and pasta type they will use. The pasta is cooked in front of you (takes about 5 minutes) and served straight to you piping hot. I picked the creamy chicken and spinach pasta with pesto which was delicious, the sauce is really flavoursome and the pasta is prepared just right so that it’s not too soft and not too hard. It’s quite surprising that the quality of the pasta is so good despite the speed at which they make it.

Prosciutto E Funghi

Pasta and pizza has always been our traditional order for the more typical family style Italian restaurants that we visit, how can that kind of order ever go wrong? Again I was quite surprised how quickly they made the pizza from scratch the minute we had it ordered. I love the thin pastry with the crunchy crust, the pizza itself had really strong hints of mushroom however the prosciutto turned out to be more like stock standard ham. I personally prefer the pasta here but the pizza is pretty decent and very filling.

Tomato Bruschetta

I have to admit there wasn’t anything too special about the bruschetta as it was quite average tasting. Might be worth an order if you’re a fan of tomato bruschetta though, it’s well priced at about $6.

The interior left a really good impression on us just like the other restaurant branches they have in Melbourne and Gold Coast. It’s really modern, feels clean & fresh and has a nice relaxing casual atmosphere! I’m glad they kept the decorations and setup consistent throughout their chains, it’s good to have somewhere familiar to dine out when you’re in a new city sometimes 🙂

This wasn’t our last visit here as we already went again prior to posting this post and have plans to go again soon. Vapiano is easily my favourite casual Italian restaurant in Sydney.

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