Jimmy Liks, Kings Cross

on Nov 20, 2014 in Asian, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese

Jimmy Liks, Kings Cross

Jimmy Liks is a small little eatery in Kings Cross, no doubt it’s a busy location for those having a night out in the cross but we visited during the day when it was much less busy and had a great little lunch.

Split Curry Dipping Sauce with Char Grilled Roti

This roti is a little different from what we’re used to at Malaysian restaurants. It’s a little bit more chewy in some parts but also more crispy where it’s slightly burnt, in any case Miss K devoured this and rated it one of her favourite dishes for the lunch because the curry was deliciously creamy.

Chicken + King Prawn Betel Leaf

We saw similar betal leaf dishes on the menu at Longrain a while back but never got the chance to try them. I personally prefer lettuce cups in the end but the fillings for these were a really exotic mix of spicy herbs and sour lemon or lime which made them really nice entrees.


Miss K really liked these, I’m sure you’re all aware I’m not a fan of oysters by now but Miss K loves any sort of oysters especially served with lemon juice and Asian style dressing.

Barbecued Pork Belly Skewers

Ever since our meal at China Doll I didn’t think I would ever be able to have any pork belly that would be better and that still stands true. This dish was really delicious with a nice mix of crispy pork and sticky marinate. China Doll still tops it but at least the delicious nam phrik sauce is pretty much the same!

King Prawn & Lobster Dumplings

I was expecting these to come out without any soup so when they arrived with a really tasty broth I was quite happy. The dumplings melted in your mouth and had a great seafood taste and texture to both of them, the lobster dumplings were especially sublime.

Vietnamese Slow Braised Wagyu Beef

Jasmine Rice

The silky soft wagyu beef in this dish was an easy winner, we were so seriously full by the time this dish came out yet still managed to eat the majority of it. The salad is your typical Vietnamese spicy salad, lots of coriander and sprouts covered in a nice sweet and spicy dressing with hints of fish sauce.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

The iced coffee was really nice and refreshing with plenty of condensed milk and lots of ice as expected. The drink is quite sweet at first but given a few minutes the ice begins to melt and the drink tastes just right.

I’m surprised that during the day they’re almost completely empty, they must have a roaring trade in the evenings. The restaurant has some really nice interiors and an extensive menu with lots of mixed Asian dishes, we would definitely come back some time if we happened to be in the area!

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