Red Pepper, Strathfield

on Nov 16, 2014 in Asian, Korean

Red Pepper, Strathfield

Red Pepper is managed by the same owners as The Sparrows Mill in the CBD except that this branch is located within Strathfield Sports Club, not exactly what you expect from a sports club bistro but I don’t think anyone is complaining. Earlier this week we visited Red Pepper with a few other bloggers including Amy (Milkteaxx), Irene (Irene’s Getting Fat), Isaac (iFat – Food Chronicles) and Felicia (Next Stop: Food).

Spring Onion Chicken

It’s been a really long time since we’ve had an original Korean Fried Chicken with spring onion so Mr C decided to order this. I really loved the crispy chicken especially marinated with a wasabi based sauce, unfortunately for Mr C he doesn’t really enjoy wasabi but still managed to eat a piece.

Snow Cheese Chicken

The infamous snow cheese chicken is probably what most people visit Red Pepper and The Sparrows Mill for. This amazing combination of crispy and juicy fried chicken pieces smothered in very generous amounts of powdered cheese is an easy winner and pretty much everyone on the table gave it the thumbs up, we ordered a whole chicken for this because of its popularity.

Hot+Spicy Gangjung

Soy Sauce Gangjung

The marinated variations of the fried chicken are also quite delicious and tend to have stronger flavours. The spicy version seems to always retain the crispiness so it’s always a good choice if you love the crunch. Unfortunately despite being really tasty the soy sauce variation is relatively soft.

We’re always going to be on the hunt for the best fried chicken in Sydney and so far Red Pepper and The Sparrows Mill are up there at the top, I personally think the latter is better because it’s a proper restaurant but Red Pepper is closer to where I live so that’s a plus!

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