Devon on Danks, Waterloo

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Devon on Danks, Waterloo

Last weekend Miss K and I visited the new Devon on Danks for an early meal, we’re not morning people so a 9am start was a struggle but it was all worth it in the end. The new Danks St, Waterloo location of Devon Cafe which features a full kitchen, bright roomy interiors and exclusive new dishes is already very popular.

Breakfast With The Sakuma’s – king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63° egg, faddish salad and kewpi mayo

This dish was actually one of my favourites because of the perfectly grilled salmon, gooey 63 degree egg and delicious mayo. What I didn’t realise however was that the croquette is actually smoked eel, I don’t like eel nor does Miss K (I think – I should really know this) but I didn’t realise at the time, ignorance is bliss.

DD’s Special – salted caramel soft serve with hot chips

9am starts didn’t stop anyone from going at the DD’s Special, a very simple $7 cup of salted caramel soft serve with black salt served with hot chips. The two went well together but I love salted caramel so I would have been happy with a cup of salted caramel soft serve which is just $4!

Lucky Duck – buckwheat crepe, duck leg, duck liver parfait, fried duck egg, blueberry preserve

I know some people get turned off by the idea of duck egg but I grew up eating it and love it, duck eggs tend to be more salty and a bit more intense in flavours. The buckwheat crepe, greens and juicy duck leg made for a great tasting dish that we split and served like miniature duck pancakes.

Soft Shell Crab Roll – w/ sichimi pepper, wasabi mayo, tobiko, nori, pickled cucumber, daikon, carrot, shiso

Since I don’t eat soft shell crab Miss K had my share of this dish and loved it. I’ve been told that the ‘seriously crispy soft shell crab’ is amazing and the Japanese influence shines through in the choice of ingredients.

Dr Seuss’s Green Egg and Ham – bacon, potato, 63° egg, green ketchup, pea puree, soybeans, pea tendrils, jus

This would be one of my top picks for best dish simply because of the bacon serve. That huge crispy thick cut bacon served on top of a rectangle potato rosti and gooey 63 degree egg is just perfect. Miss K and I also really enjoyed the interesting zesty green tomato ketchup which lines the bottom of the dish.

Little Lost Bread – brioche French toast, strawberries, balsamic and strawberry gastrique, strawberry cheesecake and ice cream, Arnott’s biscuit crumble

If heaven were to be on a plate this is what it would look like. I don’t think I’ve had such a visually appealing and delicious dessert in a very long time. The brioche French toast has a nice crunch and the mix of biscuit crumble and smooth strawberry ice cream is a dream come true, definitely a must order.

Assorted Cronuts – matcha red bean, pork floss and mayo, chocolate and nutella

The first thing we saw when we walked in was a shelf with piles of donuts and cronuts. The first one to catch my eye was the matcha green tea and red bean, I absolutely love green tea in any meal possible so this combination was like a dream come true. The pork floss and mayo also seemed to be one that everyone wanted to try but my preference would be for the green tea.

Skim Lattes

Cold Brew Coffee

Cali Press – cucumber, kale, celery, cos, spinach, green apple, lemon, mint

Ordering coffee was a given considering Miss K and myself were half asleep when we arrived. I’ve always enjoyed the coffee at Devon Cafe which are Coffee Alchemy beans from Marrickville, Devon on Danks uses Industry Beans from Melbourne which I actually prefer because they seem to be a little less bitter and have a more smooth taste. They also stock a variety of Cali press cold pressed juices that Miss K loves.

Considering how popular the original cafe on Devonshire St Surry Hills can be every day of the week it seems like a smart decision to open a second location. No doubt that decision was driven by the need for a full fledged kitchen to support the popular Devon by Night which has also moved to the Dank St location.

Overall a great experience as expected from Devon Cafe and Devon on Danks. The food has always been some of the most innovative and delicious available on a cafe menu in Sydney.

Mr C and Miss K attended as guests of Devon on Danks and Wasamedia.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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  1. I’m so fascinated by the idea of soft serve with fries. I mean, I do that at Macca’s when I’m drunk…but to have it at an actual restaurant is interesting!

  2. Wah you tried so much!! Jealous of all the pretty desserts you guys got to eat 😛

  3. I really want those fries with salted caramel ice cream! Mmmmm ~ Cronuts!

  4. mannn i want those cronuts and the hot chips with soft serve!

  5. Looks like you really enjoyed the food there! Danks Street is so close by to us too 🙂

  6. Would. Hit. Again. That soft serve is neklebel.

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