Sugarcane, Surry Hills

on Jan 29, 2015 in Asian, Thai

Sugarcane, Surry Hills

Whenever I get asked what my favourite Thai restaurant is nowadays I tend to answer with Sugarcane Restaurant. It’s not exactly a traditional Thai restaurant since the dishes they serve are inventive and unique but they’re definitely good and it’s a nice change from the typical menu of curries and stir fries.

Crispy Chicken, Blood Plum

I wasn’t expecting a lot from a crispy chicken dish but I have to admit I was blown away by it, the delicious morsels of tender chicken are drenched in a tangy blood plum sauce which balances out the fried aspect of the dish. I could eat this coupled with steamed rice all day long!

Pambula Sydney Rock Oyster, Sugarcane Dressing

As you are probably all aware by now I’m quite a big fan of oysters but apparently these were quite good, I believe the Sugarcane dressing is very similar to a traditional nam phrik sauce.

Pork Sausage, Crispy Rice, Nuts, Lettuce

If I had to pick a favourite dish for the evening I would probably go with this. The menu states it’s a pork sausage but it’s actually a pork mince served with rice, nuts and a really nice lemon or lime dressing. It’s served with lettuce for good reason, the absolutely mouth watering flavours are very intense.

Salt & Pepper Silken Tofu, Mushrooms, Yellow Bean

The tofu in this particular dish weren’t anything particularly special since it’s your average silken tofu, however the soy based sauce it’s served in was really nice with strong hints of mushroom.

Definitely not a surprise that for the weekends you’ll need to make a booking if you want to guarantee a seat, the restaurant is relatively small but the quality of the food makes it a very popular dinner venue.

I’ll definitely be back soon to check out some of the other signature dishes on their menu!

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  1. I’m embarrassed to admit that Thai food has never been a favourite of mine. Maybe this slight twist on old classics could change my mind?

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