Contrabando, CBD

on Apr 18, 2015 in European, Mexican, South American, Spanish

Contrabando, CBD

Contrabando is a cosy little restaurant down towards the business end of Sydney CBD. The restaurant specialises in South American street food and are very well known for their cheap Taco Tuesdays deal which brings in the crowds every week looking for a cheap, tasty and substantial meal.

Guacamole – Smashed Avocado, Salsa Criola, Lime, Corn Chips

I’ve always been a big fan of guacamole, it’s hard not to enjoy the creamy texture of avocado mixed with spices, salsa and lime served with crispy corn chips. These were definitely not a let down as expected.

Chargrilled Corn – Lime, Queso Fresco, Chipotle Mayo

Ever since visiting Mamasita down in Melbourne I’ve been trying to find places which serve really good chargrilled corn, this is the best I’ve found so far. I really enjoyed the melted cheese and sweet corn.

Poached Prawns – Coriander Salsa, Lime, Chilli

If I had to pick a favourite dish for the evening this would probably be it, the poached prawns were cooked to perfection and served with an amazing tangy lime and chilli sauce, very messy though!

Buttermilk Chicken – Queso Fresco, Coriander, Carrot Slaw, Hot Sauce

The buttermilk chicken was probably my favourite of the lot in terms of tacos, you just simply can’t go wrong with melted queso cheese, hot sauce and generous chunks of tender chicken.

Fish, Calamari Tacos

Calamari, Smoked Beef, Fish Tacos

Next up for me would definitely be the calamari and fish tacos, both of which were deep fried in a nice crispy batter. These tacos were both very flavoursome and the crisp gave it a nice texture with every bite.

Chargrilled Hanger Steak – Salsa, Chimmichurri, Onion Rings

Now that I think about it I have to admit the chargrilled hangar steak was nothing short of amazing. I absolutely love quality beef served medium rare, what made most amazing for me was the choice of chimmichurri which is definitely one of my all time favourite condiments for steak.

Contrabando also has an extensive choice of drinks and a bar towards the front of the restaurant, we sampled some of their cocktails and were impressed with the sheer amount of choices.

Overall a great experience, I’ll probably be heading back some time soon for Taco Tuesdays because there were a number of tacos which I didn’t have a chance of trying simply because my stomach couldn’t physically fit anymore by the end of the meal. Make sure you book if you want a guaranteed seat, it gets busy!

Mr C dined as a guest of Contrabando and The Press Site.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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