Taste of Sydney 2015

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Taste of Sydney 2015

Taste of Sydney is my favourite food festival and event of the year, I prefer it over all the others despite the entry cost simply because the food here is generally much better for similar prices. This year a few new restaurants were lined up to be at the festival so I decided to visit them and check their dishes out.

BBQ’d Porchetta – chilli, fennel, silverbeet & truffle pecorino

Every year that I visit Taste of Sydney I always order the signature item from Porteno and I’m never disappointed, this year was no different. The porchetta was absolutely delicious and succulent while the side of veges and truffle pecorino were simply heavenly. You can never go wrong with dishes from Porteno.

Porteño on Urbanspoon

Monopole – Smoked Salt Cod – peas, pistachio & mint

I was a bit neutral on the smoked cod from Monopole because of the overpowering taste of potato. The cod itself seems to have been mixed with potato to create a similar texture to mash but with a slight hint of seafood. Luckily, the pistachio and mint sauce on top was quite nice and refreshing.

Monopole on Urbanspoon

Yellow – Beef Tartare – kohlrabi, smoked curd and rye

I’m a big fan of beef tartare so when I saw the menu item for Yellow had changed from the stated menu item to beef tartare I went straight for it. I enjoyed kohlrabi back at Pei Modern recently and really liked the radish-like texture again here, the tartare itself was very flavoursome and really enjoyable.

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Bentley – Roasted Prawns – sea blight & buttermilk

The roasted prawns turned out to be a really good with a very interesting but nice taste to it, I wasn’t able to pinpoint what it was exactly. The vegetables underneath the prawns were also really good. I’ve always wanted to visit Bentley so I guess this is a teaser for the real thing.

Bentley Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon

Honey Roaster Paneer Cheese – caramelised eschallots & peas

I wans’t too sure about this dish from Bang Street Food, it seemed quite plain overall and there was nothing special about it. The cheese and honey combination turned out to be really good with an interesting texture. The salty and sweet marinate over the cheese gave it most of the flavour.

Bang Street Food on Urbanspoon

Milk Chocolate & Rosemary Ganache – sweetcorn custard, salted caramel popcorn

To finish off the meal I decided to go with a dessert from Jonahs, the chocolate ganache in the dish was really nice with a strong taste of rosemary but the sweetcorn custard tasted quite odd and out of place.

Jonah's on Urbanspoon

Unfortunately I had eaten a bit before the meal and the dishes I chose weren’t as good as last year so that’s the end of my coverage this time round. I suppose next year I’ll aim to pick from my favourites such as Porteno to guarantee an awesome meal all day long and that every dish is a good one.

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