Chicken Institute, Surry Hills

on Jul 26, 2015 in Asian, Korean

Chicken Institute, Surry Hills

Chicken Institute is a relatively new restaurant in Surry Hills which as the name implies, sells chicken and lots of it. Korean Fried Chicken. The menu also consists of a few other Korean favourites but the main items are definitely the four different types of fried chicken available.

Damn good sticky chicken – sweet, spicy, sticky sauce, crushed peanut, shallot

Damn good fried chicken – house made spicy chicken salt, lime

First up and probably the most important item on the menu was the fried chicken. We decided to go with two variations, the original and one with sticky spicy sauce. I have to admit the fried chicken is seriously good and probably the best that I’ve had in Sydney, the only issue really is that it’s more expensive than other Korean fried chicken joints for the serving size (half a chicken).

Kimchi poutine – shoe string, cheese, kimchi, chilli, shallot

I decided to check out the Kimchi poutine because I’m a fan of both dishes and wanted to see what it would be like. Suprisingly enough it turned out quite nice, it’s basically poutine with a spicy and tangy kick to it.

Spicy cold noodle

I wasn’t particularly a fan of this dish and I believe it’s no longer on the menu 🙂

SSAM B.B.Q grill with wagyu – lettuce wrap, miso paste, pickled garlic, radish kimchi

SSAM B.B.Q grill with pork belly – lettuce wrap, miso paste, pickled garlic, radish kimchi

I actually quite enjoyed the ssam, the grilled meats were a good respite from all the fried food. The wagyu and pork belly used are tender and flavoursome, easy to just wrap and eat until your hearts content.

Overall a great little place for a cosy dinner with delicious food, the restaurant is quite small but I believe there is a space out back for more seated dining. Chicken Institute is pretty busy right now so get in early if you want a table otherwise make a booking.

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  1. Cute name. Great food presentation. The ssam looks brilliant. Seems like a modern take.

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