Moon Park, Redfern

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Moon Park, Redfern

Moon Park is the only Korean restaurant in Sydney to have been awarded a coveted chefs hat award. I had the pleasure of visiting the restaurant a few weeks ago with some fellow food bloggers to check out the menu which is a peculiar assortment of upmarket Korean inspired dishes.

Spanner crab and black garlic on seed biscuit

The spanner crab and black garlic despite being a very small entree was actually one of my favourite dishes. I loved the flavour as well as the interesting texture of soft spanner crab on a crispy biscuit base.

Ssam: ox tail, seeds, chilli threads and sweet cabbage

The ssam served at Moon park was quite nice and a great way to start the meal. The  meat inside is tender and flavoursome but the most interesting part was the subtly sweet cabbage which has a flavour of it’s own.

Memeiljeon: buckweat pancake, garlic chive and mackerel floss

Seafood and the various other types of pancakes at Korean restaurants have always been a favourite of mine and a staple dish I generally always order. The pancake served at Moon Park is a unique version made with buckwheat and consisting of various other ingredients.

Dokbeokki & peanuts

I actually thought that the dokbeokki and peanut was a relatively plain dish, the main variation from a normal dokbeokki would be the crispy peanut outer layer and very pungent aroma of peanut.

Bibimbap: a bowl of rice with confit trout, grains, kale namul, laver and egg yolk

Bibimbap is a dish I normally don’t order but having heard it was very good at Moon Park, I decided to give it a go. The confit trout is probably what made the dish a winner for me, very tasty and flavoursome.

BBQ octopus, potato cream, kelp oil, garlic chive kimchi

I loved the BBQ octopus dish with it’s tender pieces of octopus. The pieces served are pre-sliced but come from a relatively large specimen and are smothered with a delicious garlic and chilli paste.

Ssambab: yangnum smoked eel, puffed wild rice in a big nasturtium

As I’m not really a fan of eel this was left to the others on the table, they seemed to enjoy it very much.

Dotorimuk: acorn jelly, charred eggplant cream, zucchini namul and cured yolk

Definitely my favourite dish of the night, the dish consists of a lot of the ingredients that I enjoy mixed together well. The best aspect of the dish is that despite being served cold it possesses a very intriguing texture that was both creamy and crunchy at the same time.

Fried chicken, pickled radish, soy & syrup

It’s fried chicken. Very good fried chicken at that. What else can I say about it? 🙂

Sooyuk: cold smoked pork belly braised with artichoke and chestnut in mushroom dashi

The pork belly was a delicious dish and the smell wafted over everyone before it reached the table. Tthe use of artichoke and chestnut was quite interesting but I loved the mushroom based dashi broth the most.

The restaurant keeps a very casual atmosphere to it despite being a really nice chef hatted restaurant. The vibe here is quite relaxed and most of the crowd seemed to be mostly younger couples and groups enjoying a nice meal together. I’d love to see them switch up their menu a little and create some new dishes because what they’ve done with the dishes so far is amazing.

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