Luis Tans, Bondi Beach

on Aug 2, 2015 in Asian, Japanese, South American

Luis Tans, Bondi Beach

Luis Tans is a hot new restaurant located right by Bondi Beach. I had the pleasure of visiting just two weeks ago, the restaurant serves up a delicious fusion of Japanese and South American cuisine and was opened by a collaboration of four with a history and experience in the Sydney dining and bar scene.

Tropical plantain chips with chipotle mayo

I’ve been a fan of plantain chips ever since they became a common sight on restaurant menus in Sydney, they’re relatively thin but pack a really great crisp. Delicious with the creamy chipotle mayo.

Spiced edamame

Edamame is a great starter especially when covered in chilli and salt, great to snack on before ameal.

Tuna ceviche with tigers milk, avocado, cucumber and grape tomatoes

Salmon ceviche with asparagus, fennel and wakame salad

I love ceviche, though it may stem from the fact that I love sashimi and lime, both of which are very prevalent ingredients in ceviche. My favourite of the two would definitely be the tuna with avocado and grape tomatoes – so much flavour (particularly the lime) which lingers on the palette.

Pan fried prawns with garlic, chilli, ginger, wasabi butter greens

The pan fried prawns were a great example of fresh ingredients. I’ve always considered prawns one of the meats most heavily reliant on freshness, it’s quite easy to tell if a prawn is frozen or fresh as the texture and taste changes substantially. These were delicious and cooked in a beautiful garlic and chilli paste.

Tomato braised Black Angus beef short ribs with chimmichurri and black turtle beans

The black angus ribs were probably my favourite dish of the lot, a single bit of the beef was enough to convince me that I wanted the whole plate to myself. The meat was absolutely tender and the chimmichurri was wonderfully flavoursome. The black beans provided a nice set of carbs to go with the meat.

Slow cooked pork with sesame, miso and citrus dressing

The slow cooked pork was delicious, each bite bursts with a pork and citrus taste along with hints of chilli. The only fault which I would like to see improved is that some parts of the pork were quite dry and tough.

I would actually go as far as to say that Luis Tans will be one of my favourite restaurant picks of the year, it’s not everyday you see a restaurant fusing of cuisines like Luis Tans does. The menu is filled with delicious items and I’m a big fan of the interior decor which looks to be inspired by both cultures, traditional Japanese and rustic South American – a fusion of not only food but also interior design.

The Food Diary dined as guests of Exposure PR & Luis Tans.
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